Study Programmes

Study Programme is the name given to the education ‘package’ you undertake between 16 and 19 years old.


They were introduced in 2013 and aim to make each student’s education and training experience individual to them with the main features being breadth, depth and progression into higher education, further study or skilled employment.


They are designed to compliment both vocational and academic pathways and should be flexible to suit you and your needs.


A study programme will vary depending on what and where you are studying and the level you are working at and include:

  • One or more qualification
  • English and maths if you haven’t already got A*- C, or Functional Skills if it is more appropriate
  • Work Experience/ employability focus training
  • Other planned activities such as sport, volunteering, tutorials

The outcome for 16-19 Study Programmes and Raising the Participation Age is to improve people’s employability skills.

Where in Wiltshire...

Wherever you study post 16 either at sixth form, college, UTC or Training Provider your programme will be part of a study programme.